Monkey Radio ( Launched in Hyderabad

Monkey Radio that was launched on October 25 is a commercial free, web-based, non-profit organisation, bringing non-mainstream music to listeners. The whole world is humming the tunes of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, but you feel disgusted when you hear each and every radio station in the City playing these same tunes. Do you hate the abomination that is pop songs complete with their same sounding tunes and similar lyrics? You don’t need to be a fan just because all others like these music.

You can drift away from the pop songs, Bollywood and the like and explore other genres and discover talent before the crowd does. If you are in search of such music, then Monkey Radio Foundation started by non-mainstream music lovers spread across Budapest, Chennai, Delhi, Germany, France and UK is your one-stop destination. Appreciating and listening to non-mainstream music can change the way you think, according to the Monkey Radio foundation founder Balasubramanyam SV.

“As a child I was never into Bollywood and Tollywood music like my peers. I liked to listen to Indian classical music. However, it wasn’t very popular then and hearing it on the radio would be quite rare. It was after I went to Hungary for studies and after working with a non-mainstream radio station there that I developed a liking towards it. Working with the radio station changed my life. The right kind of music can bring about a lot of positive changes in a person’s life. Through Monkey Radio Foundation, we are trying to take other genres of music to the people so that anyone from the rickshaw puller and auto rickshaw driver have access to non-mainstream music and not just Tollywood and Bollywood songs,” Balu says.

The content of the radio is managed by Balu and his friend Grego whom he worked with in Hungary.“We worked together at the same radio station and now he is part of Monkey Radio too. We decide what goes on air and at what time. He visits India for our discussions and planning,” he says. Monkey Radio, which is in its nascent stage has been registered as an NGO and is functioning as an online radio. Though, Balu and his dedicated team say that this is just a beginning with a long way to go ahead. “When it was time to get back from Hungary, I knew I wanted to start a community radio here in India and I was super confident that I would make it easily at the time. But, I faced so many glitches in the beginning. Now, we have started Monkey Radio Foundation again as an online station and registered it as an NGO. After a period of three years, we will be provided with a wavelength for the FM,” he says.

Monkey Foundation is free of commercials so they get revenues from the club nights that they host at Ten Sports Bar N Grill, and also the monthly contributions from the DJs who perform at the station. “Be it radio or clubs, it’s only pop or Bollywood and Tollywood numbers that are played. We host club nights at Ten Sports Bar N Grill and the entry to the pub is free and this is the place where people get to listen to non-mainstream music and enjoy it,” he says.

News source: Postnoon


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