APSRTC’s CNG Project Takes a Hit

Due to a shortage of CNG supply in the City and a delay in implementing the project, the APSRTC is yet to introduce more CNG buses, after the first phase of 110 vehicles.  As the population of the City grows, so does the pollution level. To tackle this hazard, 350 CNG buses were introduced in Hyderabad. But this has bought little respite due to a delay in implementing the project and a shortage of Compressed Natural Gas, 30 buses were converted to diesel and only 110 CNG buses ply. “In spite of a severe shortage of CNG, we have managed to keep all the 110 buses on road. As there is no guarantee of a steady supply in the future, the introduction of more CNG buses has been kept on hold,” said APSRTC executive director Koteshwar Rao.

– postnoon.com

But can the City afford this delay? Most certainly not, says environmentalist J Prakash Nimba. “The CNG system should be implemented on high priority basis. Although the government has restricted the entry of heavy vehicles during the day to ease traffic, we are exposed to harmful levels of diesel at night. This directly causes cancer as even trees can’t help offset the harm. It is critical that the government introduce more CNG vehicles,” he said. CNG is a natural gas which remains clear, is odourless and non-corrosive. It is lighter than air and quickly dissipates if it leaks from gas tanks or storage containers. The cost of CNG is also lower when compared to diesel or petrol. Vehicles that use CNG emit 80 per cent less harmful gases than gasoline



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