New Giraffe, Cheetas at Zoo

After successfully securing a female giraffe from a Malaysian zoo as a mate for lonely giraffe George, authorities of the Nehru Zoological Park are now on the lookout to populate the zoo with different kinds of animals — ones that are not indigenous to India. The park’s aim is to be a dynamic one as far as species of animals is concerned. Deputy curator A Shankaran says that they have been trying for over six years to get a zebra from Africa. “Having different kinds of animals in the zoo gives our visitors a more fulfilling experience. Getting animals from other countries is a difficult process. This is why even after six months we have not been able to bring in a zebra,” he said.


But the park did have something to cheer about. In May, 25 years of labour bore fruit when cheetahs were brought in from Czechoslovakia. Not just that, two female ostriches were also brought in for the two male ostriches of the zoo. “We are hopeful that they will breed soon,” said Shankaran. With an eye on bringing in more visitors, the natural history museum at the zoo has also been upgraded. The museum shows in detail the different stages of evolution of the Earth, animals, plants and a complete insight into tigers. After a long wait of nearly three years, authorities at the Nehru Zoological Park were finally able to find a mate for their lone giraffe.

Finally, George’s long wait for a bride is going to be over soon. George is the lone male giraffe at the Nehru Zoological Park and has been ageing while waiting for a mate for over three years. Zoo authorities had been shopping for a female in different parts of the world in vain. The search only found that other zoos are also in need of a female giraffe. But now Malayasia has offered him a mate. But George is, again, not quite lucky. He has to share the incoming bride (probably named Georgina) with another male. So what? Seems the thought of George who continues to meditate on the ways of the world in his enclosure. He has seen too many deaths in quick succession of his kin. This one, the only surviving spotted gent of the five brought in from Africa a few years ago is unable to mate and procreate for the lack of a female species in the zoo premises.


The 20-ft and 8-year-old George draws great attention of zoo visitors. A giraffe’s lifetime is only 20 years. In this sense he is getting old. He stares boringly at the people who shoot him with camera and comments about his great height.A zoo official, MM Hanifulla confirmed the arrival of a female giraffe. She will arrive accompanied by her male partner shortly. It has been a hard task, say authorities. Getting female giraffe is becoming a difficult task. But of other animals the predicament is less. They are more easily available.

Hanifulla said that the zoo had been successful in replenishing the stock of Cheetahs by securing three of them from the Czech Republic recently in exchange of two lions and five crocodiles.But, getting a giraffe, and that too a female, is no mean task. “The procedure of securing a giraffe is also extremely tedious and long,” he said.

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