Kovvada Nuclear Plant Capacity to be Hiked

The department of atomic energy, under the aegis of the Prime Minister, has accepted the proposal of the Nuclear Power Corpo-ration of India Limited to increase capacity of the Kovvada Nuclear Park from  6,000 MW to 9,500 MW. According to DAE’s earlier clearances, the nuclear  park’s capacity was barely 6,000 MW, since the DAE had, in principle, allowed the capacity of each reactor to produce above 1,000 MW. With the aim of utilising the maximum capacity of the generation-II technology of GE reactors made in the US, which are to be installed in the Kovvada Nuclear  Park, NPCIL authorities have recently held talks with the ministry of environment and forests to hike KNP’s capacity.

- http://www.zimbio.com

– http://www.zimbio.com

“After talks with the MoEF promised better and safer operations of the foreign technology  reactors, we have submitted our fresh proposal to the DAE to permit us to use the maximum capacity of the reactors in Kovvada,” said KNP chief engineer G. Venkata Ramesh, adding, “The DAE has, in principle, agreed to our fresh proposal, permitting increase of the capacity, and we are likely to get clearances from it soon.” Since the environmental   impact assessment report for the proposed KNP has been prepared for above 9,500 MW nuclear power production, NPCIL is likely to submit the DAE clearance to MoEF to obtain necessary clearances, including environment  clearance and go ahead with public hearing for 9,500 MW, instead of 6,000  MW.

-Deccan Chronicle


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