New Stent Technology

The cardiac team at a Somajiguda hospital successfully performed a new stent technology on a 56-year-old woman recently.Doctors at Yashoda Hospital used a new stent technology to protect the side branch blood vessels during angioplasty, thus avoiding bypass surgery, said Dr Pramod Kumar Kuchulakanti, a senior interventional cardiologist. Approximately 10 per cent of patients have blockages in branching points of the blood vessels. When treating these blockages, the side branch might get closed due to the shifting of cholesterol or might split, leading to a mild heart attack. When a stent is put in the side branch to prevent this, accurate placement is difficult, and many of these patients are referred for bypass surgery.



The cardiology team at Yashoda Hospitals — Dr Pramod Kumar, Dr Ganesh Mathan and Dr Guruprakash — successfully treated a female patient who was admitted with acute chest pain and main and side branch blockages. The patient, Punnamma from Khammam, underwent a stent procedure last year and developed a blockage again in the main and side branch. The doctors inserted a special stent called ‘cappella – side guard’ into the side branch, and another medicated stent into the main vessel. The patient was discharged after two days. “This is a new technology and we are going to have more varieties of stents to treat the branch point blockages,” added Dr Kumar. So far, approximately 500 patients have been treated across the world with this new stent and the results are encouraging.



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