First Ever Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery in City

The State’s first ever Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery was performed successfully in Kamineni Hospitals, LB Nagar. The hospitals Orthopedics team headed by Dr P S Jaya Prasad, Orthopedic surgeon conducted this surgery on a 50 year old patient, from East Godavari in the month of August. Talking on this context Dr Jaya Prasad says “Kamineni Hospitals has created a new chapter in treating the patients with should joints problems. The total shoulder replacement surgery is a rare surgical procedure which can give hope to several patients who are suffering with shoulder problems.



The news of rare surgery procedure must reach more people to give them hope to live their life better”. “Total Shoulder Replacement is a surgical procedure in which all parts of shoulder joint are replaced by Prosthetic Implant. Shoulder Replacement Surgery is conducted to relieve arthritic pain or fix severe Physical joint damage and trauma” details Dr Jaya Prasad. Total Shoulder Replacement involves a replacement of the ball and socket joint which helps its functioning like the original joint. The patient who was undergone to this rare surgery is doing well.

-Hans India


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