Milestone for KIMS: 200 Robotic Surgeries in 18 Months

City-based Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) completed 200 robotic surgeries within 18 months, making it the first super specialty hospital to achieve the milestone in south India, according to its authorities. It also established another record by performing the first scarless robotic thyroidectomy on a 40-year-old male patient from Hyderabad successfully. Chairman and CEO of the hospital, Dr Bhasker Rao, said that KIMS was the first centre which performed robotic thyroidectomy all over India. “The credit for conducting five live robotic surgery workshops in 2012 also goes to us only,” he said. Dr Jagdishwar Goud, who performed the robotic thyroidectomy, said that the patient who underwent the surgery was hale and hearty and could resume his duties within five days of the surgery. “With iodine deficiency thyroid tumors/cancers occur. Small thyroid cancers can be cured effectively with the scarless robotic thyroidectomy. Dr Jagadishwar Goud, an expert in robotic surgery, took the training in this specialty from Dr Chung, Seoul, the first robotic thyroid surgeon in the world.



It is painless surgery and recovery in the patient is also fast. More than that without losing a drop of blood and voice loss, the patient returns to complete normalcy. The surgery took one and half hours. The cost of robotic surgery was Rs 3 lakh. On the occasion of successful completion of 200 robotic surgeries, KIMS was offering the robotic surgery services at Rs 1.5 lakh only to the next 100 patients. Those willing to undergo robotic surgery can register their names. Meanwhile, in connection with cancer awareness month from February 4th, KIMS will conduct Cancer Awareness Walk on 3rd February at People’s Plaza, Neckless Road, Hyderabad, said Dr Bhaskar Rao. Dr Jagadiswar said “earlier esophageal cancer required opening the chest or inserting the hand into the chest to perform surgery. But, now KIMS was conducting all esophageal, meditational and lung tumors by applying robotic system with 3mm and 5 mm instruments in 10 to 15 folds magnification. Robotic surgery makes easy the surgical procedures and hastens the postoperative recovery in the patient. It reduces complications in the patient.

The patient, Ramakrishna Raju, joined duty just after five days of his surgery. It is pain-free and scarless. “To ensure complete removal of tumour parts in the area and its surroundings, we do intra-operative procedure also,” he said. Hence, there was little possibility of recurrence of the cancer, he explained. The patient Ramakrishna Raju, employee of ECIL, expressed his happiness for his early recovery and for being able to attend his daily chores normally in just five days after surgery. “When I observed a small tumour form in my throat, I immediately consulted Dr Jagadiswar. He told about robotic surgery procedure and its benefits. I consented and underwent the new procedure in November 30th, 2012. I realised its benefits practically. My voice has not changed,” says RamakrishnaRaju.



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