GIS to Assess Property

The GHMC will be availing the Geographic Information System (GIS) for assessment of properties, whose proposal would be put forward for approval in the General Body Meeting on February 2. According to officials, as there were discrepancies from the data obtained while employing older methodologies and engaging resources, mostly manual. Even after all kinds of efforts GHMC could be able to enhance current year demand to Rs.800 crore, which was insufficient to cater to GHMC’s development projects and better services.

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In order to increase the property tax, AP State Property tax board in its work plan for the financial year 2012 and 2013 has recommended GIS for mapping properties in the City, which has more than 1 lakh population. Vayam Technologies and Vensoft India Pvt Ltd have been served work orders during bidding. The Vensoft India Pvt Ltd has developed GIS-based assessment of property tax in Circle 1. The results were surprising, as per the report of the Company there are 4,705 assessments in Docket No 101 of Kapra Circle. But as per the GHMC data there are only 3,252 assessments. There was also a huge variation of 1,453, after the assessment was done using GIS. When property tax was calculated using the technology, the amount of property tax from the survey was Rs.2,31,80,049, while the existing amount of property tax by GHMC was Rs.98,81,089.



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