Water rationing in flats

With summer round the corner, followed by power cuts, various housing societies have come up with a plan to ease the heat. These steps include regulating water supply timings within the apartment complex, or setting up separate nozzles for each flat. While power cuts are certainly a nuisance, the huge electricity bills the apartments receive are far more alarming, said R. Murthy, president of Brindavan Apartments association in Ashok-nagar. “Our apartment has eight families and we got a common current bill of Rs 6,000 last month,” he said sighting the problems. On brainstorming, the association found that the maximum power was used for pumping water  to the overhead tank.

- rosefirewalker.wordpress.com

– rosefirewalker.wordpress.com

“Due to the high power bills, we decided to supply water for the apartment for only four hours a day,” said Mr Murthy. The steps are beginning to cause hardships. Shilpa Latha Raju, a resident of Sri Sai Enclave at KPHB, said the association is cutting power supply to the common areas, including the lift, from 10 am to 2.30 pm, as not many people use the lift that time. Unhappy with the decision she added, “My husband and my kids can easily take the stairs, but when some of my old relatives come visiting, they find it difficult to climb three floors. What is the point in finding an apartment with all amenities if they are not made available when we need them?”



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