Safety at work gets priority

Women empowerment in the corporate world has gained momentum. Companies are increasingly recruiting women employees to enhance their gender ratio. According to a 2012 study conducted by The Great Place to Work Institute, some of the top corporate bodies have 40 per cent or more women employees. To encourage their women employees and to provide a safe work atmosphere, most companies have a system of picking up these employees when they come to work, as opposed to an earlier system where they were only dropped back after work. Corporate bodies have also been stressing on a safe and secure work environment for their female employees. After the Delhi incident that shocked the entire nation, many multinational companies have been stressing on the need to teach self defence to their female employees.



On the occasion of International Women’s day various corporate bodies in the City have organised workshops in martial arts and self defence. Microsoft India Development Centre is one such company which organised a ‘women’s self defence’ class. “Learning some sort of self defence is the need of the hour. Though Hyderabad is comparatively safer than other cities, it is essential to know some form of martial art. Getting such support from the company one works motivates us even more,” says B Sinduja, who works for an MNC in the City. Corporate bodies have also been continuously attempting to understand specific needs of women, and implement practices and support systems to address these needs. A convenience store, Easy Day, stands within the premises of Airtel, giving employees the comfort of buying groceries from the office premises itself. Women employees are given the flexibility of studying while working. For instance, McDonalds, which provides employment opportunities for women from rural and tribal areas, in addition to underprivileged groups, gives its employees a chance further their careers, while also providing them with a chance to learn on-the-job.



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