Hyderabad to get 3 big fish markets this year

The City will get three well-done, wholesale fish markets this year. No progress had been made in this aspect for two years. However, the recent meeting between GHMC’s engineer-in-chief and the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) paved the way for setting up three wholesale markets for fish, the lack of which had caused miseries to the fish traders in Hyderabad. The execution of the work will be taken up by the GHMC and financial assistance will be provided by NFDB. The NFDB has accorded sanction for three works, one each at Kukatpally, Begum Bazaar and Nacharam. With 90 per cent of the project cost to be borne by the NFDB, the balance 10 per cent and additional cost of construction will be borne by the GHMC.

For Kukatpally, the estimated cost was `278.20 lakh but NFDB restricted it to `250 lakh (`225 lakh will be borne by NFDB). For Nacharam, the cost estimated by the GHMC is `249 lakh, but it has been restricted to `244 lakh by NFDB (`219 crore to be borne by NFDB). Similarly, for Begum Bazaar, `525 lakh was estimated by the GHMC, but the project was restricted to `250 lakh (`225 lakh will be borne by NFDB). The GHMC will be spending `52.20 lakh, `29.40 lakh and `300 lakh respectively. According to the GHMC, the projects were discussed in the Standing Committee and General Body meetings for according approval for these works and permission to address the government for obtaining administrative sanction. The government, after careful examination of the matter, gave administrative sanction for an amount of `1,052.20 lakh, which includes NFDB’s share (90 per cent project cost by NFDB and 10 per cent project cost by GHMC).



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