Higgs boson: City scientists still sceptical

Though the scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) are convinced  that the particle discovered in last July is the Higgs boson, the city scientists observing the events closely said it will take some more time and data to definitely call it so. The CERN on Thursday said it is now clear that the particle is, in fact, a boson, but it is not clear if it is the Higgs boson proposed in the Standard Model by Peter Higgs. They concluded this after analysis of more than two-and-a-half times the data that scientists at the LHC had last year. However, city scientists, are still sceptical. Birla Science Centre director B.G. Sidharth said, “It looks like Higgs boson. But to definitely say that it is indeed Higgs boson will take more time.” He said that the data is not conclusive.

- refinery29.com

– refinery29.com

Earlier, one of the lead scientists of the LHC experiment, Prof. Sridhara Rao Dasu, had said it would take years to confirm that the particle is Higgs boson. Many more theories contrary to the Standard Model, which relies on the Higgs boson, can still be hopeful, said Prof. Sidharth. “It will be even more exciting if the particle is not the Higgs boson. If it is, then other ideas will be discouraged, We have to wait and watch,”  he added



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