Water levels decline in Hyderabad

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is drilling bore wells, at various places in the city, to tide over the water crisis in April and May, the peak of summer, but 30 per cent of the digging has been unsuccessful. The reason is the ground water levels have depleted further and water table is not available, even at 3,000 feet, in some of the areas of Malkajgiri, Marredpally, Ameerpet and Sanjeev Re-ddy Nagar, to name a few localities. The GHMC is spending nearly `50 crore of tax payers’ money, on drilling bore wells with only 60 to 70 per cent success. No one but the GHMC itself and the Water Board are to be blamed for the depleting gro-und water levels in the city. They collected over `25 crore from citizens, tow-ards Rain Water Harvesting pits, but neither monitored or constructed them for the citizens. As many as 25,000 RWH pits were supposed to be constructed, but less than 5,000 were constructed, most of which are defu-nct now. Funds from the time of approving the buil-ding applications and new water connections are used.

water level decline

The Ground Water department deputy director, Ramesh Kumar, said that the ground water in Hyderabad will go dry if measures like Rain Water Harvesting pits, protection of water bodies and leaving some place for water to sink into the earth, in every house, are not done in war footing. Water conservation activists said the city is already going through water crisis. The government should immediately form Water Users Associations to tackle this problem, said D. Narasimha Reddy of Joint Action for Water. “These WUAs will identify the spots for RWH pits construction in the colonies and also maintain it.” he said.



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