Honda Civic Hybrid – Car Which Is Popular In Hyderabad

The 2013 is the year, which has brought hot news of Honda Civic Hybrid coming in Hatchback, as before it only came in sedan. This best tells us the success Honda Civic Hybrid has got in the automobile market.

The Hybrid technology being new for many is a fuel efficient and acceleration maximization alternative, which utilizes two or more different power sources in moving the vehicle. The general power sources are coal, wood or other solid combustibles; on board or out board RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System); Hydrogen; Solar; wind and electricity which can be used in combinations.

Since its launched in 2001 Honda Civic Hybrid has captured heart of its customers in all over the world including the great city Hyderabad with Integrated Motor Assist. A technology that is an implementation of parallel hybrid, where an electrical motor is placed between internal combustion engine and transmission acting as starter motor, engine balancer and a traction motor mechanism. This allows re-use of energy lost during deceleration increasing rate of acceleration and reduction of work required for engine, increasing engine life and giving speedy driving experience.

honda civic hybridThe initial first generation Honda Civic Hybrid was first vehicle from Honda coming in petrol-electric hybrid system. The car came in Manual Transmission 5 speed and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology. This leads to efficient fuel consumption with Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

The second generation brought up-gradations in technology, having modified IMA technology to next level, more powerful electric motor, greater size alloy wheels and new hybrid compressor for AC. The other break through was discontinued manual transmission, as CVT was the only option now. This enhanced the customer experience of Hybrid car making it more refined whether we talk about the interior or exterior appearance.

The third generation Honda Civic Hybrid launched a larger 1.5L i-VTEC engine with lithium-ion battery back, assisting in better mid range torque. The Honda Civic Hybrid of this generation came with improved aerodynamics and Honda ECO Assist technology. The technology aids driver to get a fuel efficient driving style. So Honda Civic Hybrid known for its fuel economy went towards a more improved version, culturing Hybrid Experience to the superior level.

Honda Civic Hybrid has got International Engine of the year award from 2002 to 2004 followed by Winner of World Green Car, Motor Trend Car of the year and North American Car of the year in the year 2006. This best proves that Honda Civic Hybrid stands among Market Leader Brand.

Jopseph Petter (Guest Writer)


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