A Day In Hyderabad

Are you planning to head for a vacation in India? Instead of choosing the common tourist destinations, you can make your vacation interesting by exploring an uncommon tourist place. Among the several places in India, Hyderabad deserves special mention. Hyderabad is a tourist destination which is not explored much in comparison to Kashmir or Goa. In fact, many Indians also are unaware about the charm that this city carries. Here is an overview to the key facts about this city. Read it and get geared for spending one day of your tour in this city.

Hyderabad has been founded at least 400 years before. Due to the ancient monarchy rule in the beginning, This city has many monumental buildings. In fact, these monumental buildings are one of the important attractions of this city. Since the era of 1990s, Hyderabad has been continuously on a rise as the leading IT centre of India. Today, you can several top IT companies having their offices in this city. Hyderabad is also famous for the Ramoji Film City. This film city is used by the southern film makers. There are special tours to explore this vast studio. Every day, many tourists come to visit this studio.

salarjung museumMuseums

  • Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum – here you can see a vast collection of the classic cars. Also, this museum contains the important city buildings’ silver models.
  • Andhra Pradesh State Archaeological Museum – Here you can see a vast range of antiques and art works.
  • Salar Jung museum – It boasts the personal art collection of Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Salar Jung III Common things you can find here are –
    • Persian carpets
    • Chinese porcelain
    • Daggers
  • KBR National Park – Here, you can see close to 100 bird species.
  • Nehru Zoological Park – Here, you can see close to 250 bird and animal species. In fact, this is the first zoological park that has secured animal closures. It has a children train also. It is spread to an area of 300-acres and also accommodates:
    • Natural History Museum
    • Lion Safari Park
  • Botanical Gardens – It mainly has:
    • Ornamental plants
    • Medicinal plants
    • Timber trees

This garden is spread to an area close to 120 acres.

As mentioned earlier, historic buildings are one of the chief attractions of this city. Some of the important names are:

  • Charminar – It is one of the most important attractions of Hyderabad. It is constructed in the year 1591 and is the focal point of the city.
  • Mecca Masjid – It is known for being one of the largest mosques in the southern India. It is constructed in the year 1694.
  • Golconda Fort – It has been constructed much before the city came to existence. It contains several factories along with palaces.
  • Qutb Shahi Tombs – These graves have unique architectural styles – reflecting the ancient era.

It is advisable that you opt for a luxury rental car for your travel across this city. In this way, you can travel the whole of Hyderabad in an easy and comfortable manner.

Author Bio: Rickey is an owner of a Car lettering company who loves to travel frequently. He also writes on several blogs on various topics. In this article he explains the way by which anyone can spend some days in Hyderabad.


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