Traffic tutorials on the cards

The increasing number of vehicles on the road in the City and the under-construction Metro rail are adding to the traffic woes of the already crowded City. With more traffic, it is inevitable that traffic violations and road accidents too will increase. In order to sensitise people on the importance of road safety and to educate them about traffic rules, the Hyderabad traffic police is gearing up to introduce different kinds of awareness programmes. Come May 15, around six short films on road safety will hit the theatres. Watching movies is something Hyderabadis love and what better way to reach out to the people, say the City traffic police.

hyderabad traffic police“We have produced six short films about road safety and awareness. These films will be launched for screening in theatres on May 15. Our aim is to reach out to maximum number of people to sensitise them about the importance of road safety, and one of the best ways is through movies,” says the additional commissioner of police (traffic) CV Anand. As a part of their awareness programmes, the traffic police will also reach out to schools and junior colleges in the City from this academic year. A road safety class and awareness on traffic rules will be taught to students of Class VI to Class XII. Once a week, students will be given an hour’s class on road safety, and though it will not be a part of their syllabus, the programme will be a compulsory extracurricular activity. “Learning at a young age is more productive, so we plan on introducing a class on road safety in all schools and intermediate colleges. Every Saturday, there will be a class arranged for students on the importance on road safety and how violations of traffic rules can be fatal. This apart, we will be having a school commandos programme for school students. As a part of this programme, around 15 students from every school will be trained by us to manage traffic around their schools under our guidance,” says CV Anand.

Many major junctions in the City do not have traffic personnel deployed to control the traffic, results of which are hour long jams. As a part of the social responsibility, many college students and young IT professionals are coming forward to manage traffic. One such group of 10 IT professionals, called the ‘Proud Hyderabadi’, has been managing some of the major traffic junctions in most places. “Every Saturday and Sunday, we try to do our bit by managing the traffic. We realise that there cannot be traffic police everywhere, so we volunteer to control traffic in areas like Nampally, Himayatnagar and Lower Tankbund,” says Ravi Kiran, one of the members of the group. Traffic police, relieved by this act, feel more youth should come forward. “Many times, young people approach us, volunteering to help, but after a few days, they discontinue. It will be a great help for us too if youngsters come forward to bring road safety awareness and also help control the traffic,” says the commissioner.



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