Techie group launches Shoutt

Shoutt, an innovative new location-based application, was rolled out by a group of techies in Hyderabad. This is an iPhone app designed to help users “shoutt” and ask for anything. Shoutt is an exciting platform that builds on two key concepts – social networking and crowdsourcing, and combines them with hyperlocal communication capabilities. By being in the same place and part of similar communities, people share a similar set of everyday problems. Whether they need to borrow an appliance, find someone to jam with, ask for a recommendation, or anything else; this location-based mobile app is designed to help solve those problems. Neehar Cherabuddi, co-founder of Shoutt, says, “This is how we’ve always communicated – we solve our problems by talking to the people around us. We’re just bringing that to the mobile phone.”

Shoutt-LogoThe app allows users to connect with other people around them to solve virtually any “everyday” problem they might be experiencing. The app is simple, effective and easy to use. Essentially, a user “shoutts” a message. That message is broadcast to app’s network within a range. Using the company’s “magic algorithm”, the app determines which nearby users are most likely to help the shoutter and notifies them via a push notification. For instance, a user near Mission in San Francisco might shoutt that she wants recommendations for an Indian Nanny. This notification would be instantly sent to those near her who would be most likely to help her, like other Indian mothers. According to Mansi Gandhi, co-founder of Shoutt, “We believe that Shoutt has the potential to bring communities closer.” Shoutt lets users find help locally, connect better with their communities, ask questions or advice, and more.



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