Every dog ultimately has a day

On a Sunday afternoon eight youngsters from different backgrounds gathered at a small community hall at Ashoknagar in the hope of changing public attitude towards Indian breed dogs, usually referred to as ‘stray’ dogs. All the eight animal lovers, who are professionals and students, started a dog adoption drive in the hope of helping Indian dogs find a better place just like costly and often imported pedigree dogs. The message was clear: ‘Be Indian and rear Indian breed’. The team rescued the dogs from roads, and some of them were injured and were treated at kennels and veterinary hospitals. “People are very much interested in rearing pedigrees, but the fact is that Indian breed dogs are best suited for the local climatic conditions and require less protection and expenditure compared to foreign breeds,” says J. Madhulika, animal activist and organiser of the camp.

- straysrhot.blogspot.com

– straysrhot.blogspot.com

The group spends considerably on medication and food expenses by pooling in money. “It is our love for them that has forced us to start an adoption and awareness drive,” Ekta, a software professional and a group member, says. As of now, the group members keep dogs at their respective houses as they cannot afford to maintain a separate kennel. “They (dogs) are vaccinated at the prescribed age, and we also get a pre- and post-adoption check-up done. We also provide necessary assistance to those who adopt them,” Madhulika explains. Those interested in adopting a dog can call 8099662924.



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