Crime in Hyderabad is going down

Really? Or is the Hyderabad police taking the Singapore police’s practice of not registering FIRs in the first place.  No FIR registered, no crime. Isnt that a convenient way of declaring that the crime in Hyderabad is on the decline?

Increased police vigilance has helped to lower the crime in Hyderabad. The crime rate in the Hyderabad commissionerate has dropped in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year. However, rape cases have increased by 5.8 per cent. Chain snatching cases have regsitered a massive 32 per cent jump. Top police officials said that new policing methods helped to bring down crime. “First, after the twin blast, the police tightened vigil through continuous checking and patrolling. Secondly, we have filled up most vacancies in police stations and at central crime stations. Now, in almost all police stations, we have an additional inspector or a detective inspector to look after crime,” city police commissioner Anurag Sharma said. He also pointed out that the functioning of the central crime station became more effective after Sandeep Shandilya took charge a few months ago. 

crime in hyderabadThe police also claim a jump in the number of solved cases compared to last year. From the beginning of this year, the police arrested many criminals against whom warrants were pending. With the arrest of gangs involved in temple burglaries last year, a massive decline of crime in Hyderabad was reported in burglaries.  Police also said the free registration system enabled the common man to approach the police with ease.



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