AP third-best in sex ratio, lags in literacy

Census 2011, released by home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Tuesday, said India’s total population as on March 1, 2011 stands at 1.21 billion, 17.7 per cent more than the previous decade. In an encouraging sign, growth of females (sex ratio) was higher than that of males, with Andhra Pradesh at third place with 993 females for 1,000 males. The other four top performing states on female-male ratio were Kerala (1,084 females), Tamil Nadu (996), Chhattisgarh (991) and Odisha (979). The worst performing state on female-male ratio is Haryana with just 879 females for 1,000 males.

ap sex ratioAP however has failed to replicate its sex ratio success on the literacy front, failing miserably at 67.01per cent. The state is fifth from the bottom, with Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar bringing up the rear. According to the census, Andhra Pradesh has a recorded population of 8,45,80,777 with a male population of 4,24,42,146 and a female population of 4,21,38,631. The figures show that 5,63,61,702 people stay in rural areas of the state while only 2,82,19,075 stay in the urban areas. The Telangana districts, including Hyderabad, have a population of 3,51,70211. 5,05,56,760 of the total population are literate. The density of population in the country has also increased from 325 in 2001 to 382 in 2011 in per sq km. Among the major states, Bihar occupies the first position with a density of 1106, surpassing West Bengal which occupied the first position during 2001.



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