Family Vacation for Fun and Entertainment

Family vacations are a time where you create the most incredible memories – and get the craziest stories. But sometimes when you have a whole bunch of people that are related to each other in varying age groups, sharing one small cottage or a tent – things can get ugly. And, having people not talking to each other, while trying to enjoy your well-earned break will completely defeat the purpose of a family holiday.

But there are some places you can go and some activities you can choose from in order to have a happy, fun and memorable family holiday that will make the kids beg for another one. Here are some fun vacation ideas the whole family can enjoy.




If you are travelling for a family vacation you may want to consider booking in your family at a resort. Hotels that are part of a resort make sure that they have covered all the bases and that they have catered for every member of the family – from parents, to toddlers to the hardest to please customers – teenagers.

Holiday packages can also include things like meals, entertainment just for kids, outings and activities. Resorts also have an abundance of things for families to do together that everyone will enjoy.

Choose from activities like mini golf, quad biking, skiing, power boating, beach volley ball, indoor soccer, lawn bowls and swimming. Many resorts have things like wave pools, kayaks, indoor games rooms, mini pools for little kids, full gym and spa facilities as well as being able to arrange just about anything for your family as well.

During school holidays, resorts take it up a notch in terms of entertainment and put together competitions, treasure hunts, volley ball challenges and other activities to keep the kids having fun and occupied so that the parents can have a holiday as well.

Self-Catering with Friends

Take your family on a vacation to a self-catering cottage and take a bunch of friends with you to share the cottage next door. That way the kids will never be able to complain that they are bored as they will always have a friend, and the adults will have some company as well. Pick a place where there is no television or even better no electricity – it will take a day or two, but soon the kids will be playing cards by candle light and treasure hunting for shells or playing in the river before breakfast.

Take away iPods, laptops and computers and let the kids really spend some time together with you as a family doing things you did as a kid – not just vegging out in front of the TV with the remote. Get everybody to split chores and kids must help with dishes and making a BBQ, or even take them fishing and grill their catch for dinner time. This will make for one of the most memorable holidays – one that didn’t have them setting foot inside a mall or arcade for 2 weeks. They will not want to go home.

Camping Trips

Camping is a very special way for kids to really get to know their parents and for parents to connect with their kids. So often we all get wrapped up in a the hamster wheel of life and just motor on from one obligation to the next – endless days of school commitments, exams, homework, chores, meetings, traffic, work and washing doesn’t leave families much time to really spend any quality time together.

Camping is great; it is an excellent budget friendly option and you can really have your pick of some of the most beautiful locations that are not too far from home. Getting away from all distractions and responsibilities will really give kids a chance to do activities with their family without being distracted or interrupted.

Teach kids about their surroundings, how to pitch a tent, learn about fire safety, catch crabs in a river, how to tie knots, learn about bugs and bush creatures – the activities from the original playground provided by Mother Nature are endless. They will wake up when the sun comes up and go to bed when it gets dark, sing campfire songs and melt marshmallows over the campfire.

And no matter how old your kids are they will enjoy a family camping holiday – if you have kids with varying age differences, get them to each bring a friend so that you have less bickering over age appropriate activities.

Make sure you pack things like head lamps, extra tent pegs and lots of board games, cards, books and fun games to play. Lawn croquet, twister, sand bowls, mini cricket and chess are always winners.

Kids actually just like to spend time with their parents, and they love it when their parents join in on board games, reading a story, playing cards or just hanging out fishing. So you don’t need to spend a lot of money or taken them to Paris for lunch; just lie on the grass and eat ice cream until it melts down your chin – family memories forever.

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