Arabian food in Hyderabad

Forget about Chinese and continental food. It’s time to taste the Arabian cuisine. Hyderabad, which is synonymous with Biryani, is now experimenting with food varieties of Gulf countries.  Hotels serving Arabian food have come up in different parts of the city, especially Barkas, an area dominated by the Arab community. Making a beeline to these food joints are people who have a liking for the cuisine of Gulf countries. “People always want a change from regular food. It is not that there is no demand for Mughalai or Persian cuisine. But Arabian food is fast catching up as many from this part of the city have visited Gulf countries and have a liking for Arabian food,” says Hassan Yemani, proprietor of Al-Arabia Restaurant at Barkas. The hotels serve various dishes, including the popular Mandi, a traditional dish of Yemen but popular in the Arabian Peninsula. Mandi is made from rice, meat (lamb or chicken) and a mixture of spices. The meat used is that of young and small-sized lambs.

arabian foodThis apart, variations of Mandi like prawn Mandi, butter Mandi and fish Mandi, to name a few, are also in demand, says Abdullah Bin Masood Bashadi, proprietor of Mataem Al Arabi, a popular hotel at Errakunta. Kabsa, a popular dish from Saudi Arabia, is a hit with those who frequent these food joints. “It is well within the reach of people as we have priced it between Rs. 200 and Rs. 500 a plate,” says Mohd. Abdul Khader of Dine and Diwaan Arabian restaurant at Falaknuma. Hotel managements not only ensure that good food is served but also take enough care to provide the Arabian ambience.

– The Hindu


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