Traffic fines likely to be halved to Rs 500

Coming under pressure from the public and following High Court directions to review the hiked traffic fines, the government might adopt a middle path. While auto drivers’ unions are demanding a complete rollback, the state might choose to bring down the fines from Rs 1,000 to Rs 500, especially as traffic officials have contended that the old fines are not harsh enough to deter  frequent violators. Transport department officials deliberated on the issue of revising GO 108 after the High Court issued a directive to review the same. According to sources, the government will be asked to bring down the fine amount from Rs 1,000 to Rs 500. The transport department has also received several representations from citizens to revoke the GO and the government too has asked the department to rework on it considering the “financial burden” on motorists.

traffic fines“We have held meetings on this and we will give our recommendations and a decision will be taken by the government. It will be done in a few days,” a transport department official said. Traffic police officials, meanwhile, say that low fines have failed to bring deterrence among violators. “In some representations, unions have said they are ready to pay Rs 100 but not Rs 1,000 for violations. If it is brought to Rs 100 again, the purpose of the fine will be lost,” a senior city traffic police official said.

– DC


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